Love’s Desiring

GTW-Miami Dawn

Last night I encountered a tiny being. 
That one, neither male nor female.
Was delicate but far stronger than me. 
Yet, with clarity and power, the tiny being said to me. 

GTW-Miami Dawn

Grey Tech Writer-Miami Beach dawn

“Afternoon, kind sir. Where do you go? Tell me, what do you seek?”
I replied, “I’m not sure, I feel lonely, sad. I fear my love, refuses to or does not want to hear me.”

The tiny being, with tenderness great, made the slightest smile, bowed its head, blinked and suddenly was me.

Communicating without movement or speech, the following words resonated throughout my being.


Love cannot be rushed or forced.
Love is to celebrate another’s mistakes for love knows, that’s how understanding is made.
Love enjoys quiet. Love won’t hit, scream, or bang. 
Love does not try to injure, trick, or test
Love knows when to stop talking and not to test
Love shows gratitude not disappointment, ‘‘tis true. 
Love sees past shame and imperfection in order to better understand you
Love is patient, quiet, and calm. 
Love asks how, not why or how long.
Love practices understanding, is undemanding, and is thrilled to invite
Love listens and won’t presume to know.
Love looks for solutions. 
Love’s sole desire…to grow.


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