National Association for Music Education Praises My Professional Contributions

Blog Post by” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Dustin Young.

Geoff was just recognized by the National Association of Music Educators, for this article

The Exquisite Recorder

proving that even an instrument that most think of as a throwaway has the same potential for profound personal and performance virtuosity. What I find most laudable is too what the NAfME article praises Dr. Geoff for- mustering his call to encourage the use of YouTube as a credible resource for the development of musicianship and artistry. I am tickled that this accolade lands unexpectedly just as he begins producing his original YouTube series which is very exciting cuz he’s a fantastic personality and a beacon of pedagogical mastery. Furthermore, as he says, “teaching is an art form” thus, summarizing the journey he took to obtain his Ph.D. in “Psycho Musicology” … and I thought ‘Musicology’ was just one of many Prince albums we both adore… as he at once effects in international growth of affinity and appreciation, at home he’s growing my musical affinities to included his top pop pick, Kate Bush (and of course my affinity for Geoff grows as well. 😉 #READ #LISTEN #PLAY


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